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Debt Portal


UNCTAD conducts research on debt and development finance issues to contribute to and inform the international debate.

Consensus building

UNCTAD engages in consensus building through servicing General Assemby negotiations and special events and facilitating the establishement o​f best practices in the area of debt

Total debt/GDP  

(2015 - percentage)

Sub-Saharan Africa 26.7%
Middle East & North Africa 16.4%
South Asia 24.1%
East Asia & Pacific 17.3%
Latin America & Caribbean 33.6%
​Europe & Central Asia  52.6%
​Least Developed Countries ​27.3%

All developing countries and economies in transition


​Debt Service/Exports ​11.5%
​Total Debt/Exports 100.1%​
​Debt Services/GDP ​2.9%
​Total debt/GDP ​25.5%
​Reserves/Short-term debt ​337.2%
Reserves M2​ ​21.0%​